Bike safety tips are indispensable insights that all cyclists must remember when riding bicycles.  The keys to being safe on a bike lies with the cyclist, as they are required to adhere to the same rights and responsibilities as drivers.  All cyclists should obey the traffic laws, including the following:

  • Stop at red lights and stop signs
  • Pay attention to lane markers
  • Ride near the curb, traveling in the same direction as traffic
  • Use a light on the front and a red reflector or red light on the back while riding at night.

It is also important for cyclists to use proper signals when stopping or turning.  For a left turn, a rider should stretch his left arm to the left to indicate as much.  For a right turn, a rider should stretch his right arm to the right.  When indicating a stop, a cyclist should hold his left arm downward.  For more information relating to bicycle safety, including tips that will help protect cyclists from ever getting into an accident, interested readers should click here

Bike v. Auto accidents can have very serious consequences, particularly for the cyclist.  If you are a loved one has been involved in such an accident, it is important to reach out to experienced personal injury lawyers in Denver, Colorado.  The bike injury lawyers at Bowman & Chamberlain, LLC, are always available to discuss your legal needs.  

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